Rental FAQ

How much does it cost to rent the Auditorium?

There are four basic fees associated with renting the Auditorium:

  1. Daily Facility Rent Charge
    It is $1,250 for non-ticketed events; for ticketed events it’s either ten percent of the gross box office receipts or $1,750, whichever is greater. The daily facility rent charge is the fee for utilizing the facility. The rental charge covers a 24-hour period. The fee includes box office and ticketing services, provided exclusively by IU Auditorium Box Office. Labor, equipment, and performance fees are not included.
  2. Performance Fee
    The performance fee is charged for each performance in addition to the facility rent charge. Performance is an event where the public or invited guests are entering the facility. The performance fee covers guest service and other front-of-house staff including ushers, ticket takers, usher managers, custodians, and facility engineer. Events will be charged an additional 10% of the applicable performance fee for each half-hour period over five (5) hours. The rates are as follows:
    • lobby event only is $975;
    • front orchestra seating (1-1,200 guests) is $1,600;
    • orchestra and mezzanine (1,200-2,000 guests) is $1,850;
    • orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony (2,001 + guests) is $2,100.

The other two charges vary considerably based on event needs.

  1. Stagehand Labor
    The use of union stagehands is a requirement of IU Auditorium’s agreement with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and the charge is based on contractually agreed upon rates.
  2. Equipment Rental
    Charged per item and is dependent upon equipment needs over and above the general stage lighting, use of the permanent house sound system, podiums, and stage chairs.

Can I rent the Auditorium even though I’m not affiliated with Indiana University?

Yes, the Auditorium is available to anyone, whether a private individual, non-profit organization, or corporation.

What is the seating capacity of the Auditorium?

3,154 seats, plus an additional 46 seats in the orchestra pit available at the sole discretion of IU Auditorium management.

What about the seating capacity of the lobby and other rooms for receptions and meetings?

The Grand Foyer’s exhibition space is 4157 sq. ft., and can accommodate 400 people for a reception, 250 people for a banquet, and 350 people for a meeting. In the Hall of Murals, the exhibition space is 2028 sq. ft., and the reception space and meeting space can accommodate 350 and 250 people, respectively. Each hospitality room can accommodate 40 people for a reception.

Is alcohol allowed at receptions?

Alcohol is permitted, but service and use are subject to the rules and regulations and the statutes governing the Board of Trustees of Indiana University. The Assistant Director for Events can provide information on these policies.

Where do you park for events at the Auditorium?

Parking directly at IU Auditorium is limited. There are four parking garages around the IU campus, the closest being the East Parking Garage, located east of the Auditorium on Eagleson Avenue between 3rd and 7th streets. Visit the Directions & Parking page for more information.

I’ve heard of people getting married at the Auditorium—does that happen on stage?

Wedding ceremonies take place in the Hall of Murals, home to the invaluable Thomas Hart Benton murals. With its high ceiling and marble walls and banisters, it is an elegant location for a wedding.

Do we have to use a certain caterer for events at the Auditorium?

We have a list of preferred caterers but do not contract with any one particular caterer for events at the Auditorium.

What kinds of equipment can we rent from the Auditorium?

A complete inventory list is available upon request and includes items such as pianos, lecterns, music stands with lights, choral risers, dance floor, tables, and portable bars. Additional charges may apply for certain items

Can I sell tickets for events at the Auditorium?

The IU Auditorium has a full-service Ticketmaster box office to support ticketed events. Our professional staff will guide you through the ticketing process, including important decisions such as ticket prices, scaling of the house, and final reconciliation.