IU Auditorium Loyalty Points

At IU Auditorium, Loyalty Points are our way of rewarding you for your support! Points determine seat locations for season shows. The greater your point total, the closer you get to the performances you love. 

Loyalty Points are earned through subscribing to the IU Auditorium season and the donation of charitable gifts.

Here's how to earn loyalty points.

Earn 10 points for every consecutive season you are an IU Auditorium Subscriber.

Earn 8 points for every continuous season as a donor at $100 or more.

Earn additional 1 point for every $100 donated in the current season.

Earn additional 1 point for every $100 donated in all seasons combined.

For questions regarding our Loyalty Points system, please reference our Loyalty Points FAQ page, call our Box Office at (812) 855-1103, or email your inquiry to tickets@indiana.edu.

*Please note: subscriber records begin with the 1987–1988 season and giving records begin with the 2003–2004 season. Pledges (for example, a pledged payroll deduction that has not yet been received) do not count toward Loyalty Points until the gift has been received. Some specialty fundraising campaigns may be exempt from receiving points. Continuous Giving Points are subject to a minimum gift of $100.