Corporate Giving

Corporate partnerships support IU Auditorium in creating engaging world-class performances and enriching educational programming for our community.

Supporting performing arts and education at the Auditorium can help increase your visibility, engage with your target market, and inspire a passion for the performing arts in the Bloomington community.

IU Auditorium can help your business grow to the next level through our Corporate Partnership Program.

Your Visibility

Gain valuable recognition throughout the community.

  • Your logo on IU Auditorium materials goes a long way. In fact, Tier 1 donors can expect their logo to appear over 400K times!
  • On average, Tier 1 donor logos appear in 7 print ads (daily circulation of 66K), 250 posters, 12K brochures, 4.5K playbills, and on

Our Audience

Reach your target market.

  • IU Auditorium patrons can invest in your services! Over 50% have an annual income of over $60K+, and 30% earn $100K+.
  • Over 90% are pursuing of have acquired a bachelor's degree or higher. 37% of audiences at IU Auditorium are current IU students.

Fun Facts

Become a corporate partner and join the fun.

  • IU Auditorium hosts names that make the public take notice! Meryl Streep, Itzhak Perlman, John Kerry, the Dalai Lama, and Yo-Yo Ma, just to name a few.
  • During the average year, approximately 160K patrons visit IU Auditorium.

Enhancing Education

Corporate partnerships support outstanding performances and provide educational programming to our students and community.

Nearly every Auditorium-presented production has an educational outreach component, including:

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Expert Lectures
  • Masterclasses
  • Community Engagement Events
  • Pre- and Post-Show Artist Interactions


Learn More

For additional information about supporting IU Auditorium through corporate gifts, please contact Heather Dîes, Senior Director of Advancement and Administration at (812) 855-0650 or by email at