Loyalty Points FAQs

What if I stop subscribing? Do my Continuous Subscriber Points go away?

Yes, if you have a lapse in your subscription, your Continuous Subscriber Points will go away. Once you subscribe to the season again, your points will start over at 10.

What if I stop giving? Do my Continuous Giving Points go away?

Yes, if you have a lapse in contributions to the Auditorium, your Continuous Giving Points go away. Once you contribute to the Auditorium again, your points will start over at 8. However, you will retain your Lifetime Contribution Points.

How far back do your records go?

Subscriber records begin with the 1987–1988 season and giving records begin with the 2003–2004 season.

How will I know my ranking?

Patrons' points are constantly changing due to the fact that we are receiving new gifts and subscription orders each day. As such, it is difficult to share exactly how you rank among other points holders; however, the letter you receive in April with your point total will include a quartile ranking so you may have an approximate idea of how your points compare with other Loyalty Points holders.

Will my donations/subscriptions to Athletics or other IU arts organizations count toward my points?

Only donations to IU Auditorium count toward your points.

How often are my points updated?

We are constantly updating the points in our system, but we will send out current points at the beginning of April each year so that you can see your standing before the next season.

How can I increase my points?

You can increase your points by continually subscribing to the Auditorium season and by contributing to IU Auditorium.

What is the minimum gift to receive Continuous Giving Points?


May I give through payroll deduction? How is that counted toward my points?

Yes, but only gifts received will count towards your points. Pledges do not count towards Points. For example, if you give by IU payroll deduction, only the amount that has so far been deducted from your paycheck and received by the Auditorium will count towards your Points.

Can I add points at any time of the year?

Yes, you can become a subscriber by purchasing tickets to five or more event titles throughout the year (as long as we still have five events left on the season!) and you can make a contribution at any time. Please note, though, that in order for your contribution to affect your points for the upcoming season, it must be received by May 1.

What shows do my Loyalty Points affect?

The Loyalty Points seating system applies only to IU Auditorium Presents season shows at this time.

I usually have a friend who I include on my order—can we both receive points?

No, points are awarded to the account under which the subscription is ordered or the donation is made.

I usually pre-order by ordering tickets to one to four events per year—do I receive points for that type of order?

No, points are awarded only to subscribers who order tickets to five or more events each season.