Student Managers

Not only is becoming an usher one of the best IU activities, but becoming a student manager at the Auditorium is also highly rewarding! Our student managers are comprised of approximately 45 staff that lead the volunteer ushers at each performance. These individuals are responsible for maintaining the excellent customer service reputation that the Auditorium holds.

Become a Student Manager

To become a student manager, you need to volunteer for our usher corps for at least one semester, fill out our application, and turn it in on the specified due dates. After the hiring committee reviews applications, interviews will be conducted to see who has what it takes to become a student manager at the Auditorium.

Becoming a manager gives students the ability to become leaders of our teams and even obtain the position of Assistant Guest Services Manager. There are plenty of opportunities for growth, responsibility, and garnering leadership skills on the job.


“I’ve never really considered myself a people person and when I ushered at the Auditorium, I didn’t think I would really fit in with the outgoing managers. I decided to apply and gained an interview! After interviewing, I knew that the Auditorium would help me grow and hone my people skills. I have worked here a little over a year and am viewed by my peers as one of the most outgoing people on the team.”