Planned & Deferred Giving

Whether you are a long-time contributor to our Annual Fund, a dedicated patron, or have just recently discovered the magical IU Auditorium experience, you can establish a legacy of support that will secure IU Auditorium’s success for generations to come. Many IU Auditorium supporters have discovered the significant estate and other personal tax advantages that may be achieved through carefully planned gifts.

In appreciation, the IU Auditorium honors those donors who choose to make a deferred gift through recognition in our Proscenium Circle in IU Auditorium publications and programs.

There are numerous ways in which you can make a lasting contribution to IU Auditorium. Several of the more popular methods of making deferred gifts, which may provide a variety of income, estate, and/or capital gains tax benefits, are listed below.

  • Gifts through wills or bequests can be a simple and creative way to make a thoughtful gift. Please call for appropriate terminology or see your legal counsel.
  • Gifts of appreciated stocks or other property are an alternative to cash. Made through securities, real estate or other real property, they may offer attractive tax benefits. In many instances, the donor avoids capital gains tax and can deduct the entire current value of the gift as a charitable contribution.
  • Remainder interest gifts (in a residence or farm) provide the donor with specific tax benefits while he or she continues to occupy the residence or operate the farm without disruption.
  • Charitable remainder trusts are income-producing plans. They are similar to other types of trust arrangements, except the amount distributed at its termination (the “remainder”) is paid to a charitable beneficiary.
  • Charitable gift annuities are another income-producing option. In exchange for a gift (transfer of cash, marketable securities or, in some cases, real estate) the charitable organization contractually guarantees to pay a specified annuity to the donor and/or another beneficiary.

Each gift arrangement is uniquely tailored to the donor’s specific situation. We recommend you to discuss your ideas for giving with your legal or financial advisors. With assistance from the IU Foundation and the IU Auditorium Office of Development, we can assist you with further information.

If you would like more information on how you can leave a lasting legacy to IU Auditorium, please contact Mindy Peral, Donor Relations Manager, IU Auditorium Office of Development, at [email protected].