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IU Auditorium thanks the following donors for their generous support:


1617 donors title_producer.jpg

Dr. Heather & Karl Franklin
Jim & Joyce Grandorf
David & Phyllis Green
Timothy M. Morrison & Linda S. Hunt
Dr. Jim & Catherine Laughlin
Dr. Richard & Rene Malone
Drs. Scot & Ann Moore
Dr. Brechin & Bill Newby
Dr. Jason & Kristina Simmonds
Dr. George & Barbara Sorrells


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Frank Eberle
James V. & Jacqueline C Faris
Carolyn & Peter Goerner
Joan Olcott

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John & Gerry Miller
Ed & Jan Ryan
John & Jennifer Sejdinaj
Winston & Sue Shindell
Kenneth & Malissa Sparks


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Timothy & JoEllen Baldwin
Doug & Sarah Booher
Amanda & John Burnham
Dana & Kyle Cattani
Cary & Julie Curry

Tim & Dorothy Ellis
Adam & Kari Estes
David Greene & Barbara Bealer
Preston & Lori Garraghty
The Goldsworthy Family
Penny Gaither & Stephen Pritchard
Becky Hrisomalos
Bob & Ethel Hunsicker
Robert & Stephanie Jackson
Bruce & Diana Jacobs
Jilian Kinzie & Jo Throckmorton
Kate Kroll

Mitzi Lewison
Jane & Jerry McIntosh
Lee & Maria McKinley
Brian & Catherine Melvin
Dr. Kristina Morris
Todd & Nannette Plumer
Jamie & Kathy Pratt
Tom & Danielle Root
Mary Rose
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Stoelting

Timothy & Martha Sullivan
John & Lisa Wrasse

We are humbled by your donations. Because of your generosity, we continue to be a place of gathering for diverse communities to enjoy ceremonies, lectures, a wide range of performing arts, and world-class entertainment. Thank you. 


Inner Circle Donations, as listed, are up to date as of January 1st, 2018.