IU Auditorium hosts Union Board's presentation of Chance the Rapper

IU Auditorium Mission 

We create engaging world-class arts and event experiences at IU. 

Statement of Guiding Principles

We value our role as a member of the university community.

  • We are committed to collaborating with all members and friends of the university family. We nurture partnerships between students and staff and are committed to our role as educators in the development of students. 

We value the needs, expectations, and input of the community.

  • As a market-driven organization, feedback from those we serve is a critical part of our decision making process.

We view our team as our most valuable resource.

  • We are dedicated to hiring highly qualified individuals. We are also dedicated to the continual training of our staff within their areas of expertise. We value, encourage, and support the balance which each staff member must create for the many roles they assume in life.

We value a culture of service.

  • We are committed to continually exceeding expectations and to serving our audience members, clients, artists, and each other.

We value quality.

  • We are committed to providing experiences of the highest standards.

We value our legacy.

  • We recognize the rich history and traditions of the Auditorium and Indiana University, and seek to honor the past as we move into the future. 

We value innovation.

  • As a leader in the industry, we value the exchange of knowledge and best practices with other organizations, clients, and patrons.

We value diversity.

  • We are committed to the respectful exchange of ideas, values, and perspectives. We are also committed to ensuring all members of our community will have equal access to our facility and programs regardless of sex, race, creed, marital status, national origin, physical or mental ability, age, or sexual orientation.

We are effective stewards of our resources.

  • We are committed to operating with financial integrity and developing our sustainability efforts.

We value safety.

  • We are committed to ensuring a safe environment at all times for all of our constituents.

Strategic Goals

  1. To be an engaged and prepared staff that works together as an effective and satisfied team, and to implement a staff development plan by December 2016.
  2. By August 2016, utilize benchmarks allowing us to measure and document high quality service experiences by all of our constituent groups.
  3. Increase fiscal viability by end of FY2017 through philanthropy and solid standard operating procedures.
  4. Implement a physical and IT infrastructure plan by July 2016 that ensures the viability and relevance of IU Auditorium in 2025.
  5. The IU Auditorium brand will define and advance the Auditorium image by 2017.